Innovative an absolutely unique in its shape

acusta offers individually designed wall and ceiling sails with high technical requirements and works with high-performance magnets instead of the usual ropes or rods.

Organically free designed absorber plates can be installed at exact intervals, as it is not possible with the standard ceiling panels.

We achieve an exciting appearance with an open joint design. The open ceiling or wall additionally increases the absorptive capacity and offers with less mass an equally excellent acoustic effect.

Area of application

Our patented system for walls and ceilings offers you all possibilities to hide technology invisible. Whether WiFi, light or sound, everything is possible with appropriate planning of the ceiling or wall.

Our solutions are also suitable for more maintenance-intensive installations, since we can lower the individual absorber elements by fuses to a certain, desired level. This never raises the question of how, for example, a defective bulb can be replaced.

acusta is innovative and unique in its recognition in the broad sector of acoustics. Individually designed or protected designs, eye-catching or restrained, with a great variety of colors, and much more, this is acusta.